We provide valuable insights from big data to facilitate decision making in the aviation industry.

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How we work.

Identify Value

1. Identify Value

More and more data comes available every day. We help you to exploit your data by defining and prioritising your business goals. The performance increase you are searching for will be achieved by creating a roadmap to achieve these goals.

Identify Value

2. Acquire & Process

Once the objectives are set and a strategy for the analysis is determined, the data can be collected. We help you to get the right data and we make it usable. This can range from the storage of data to the cleaning of entire datasets.

Identify Value

3. Extract Insights

With data modelling, new data can be created from the acquired data. This can be done, either by using statistical analysis to make patterns visible or by using artificial intelligence to make predictive models, all depending on the business goals.

Identify Value

4. Deliver & Communicate

Creating insights alone is not enough. It must be ensured that the business value is delivered day in, day out. We help with the adoption of the new insights by the end-user, be it a planning tool for an employee or a noise metric for a local resident.

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ECAC Doc. 29

By combining aerospace knowledge with data science and software engineering, we have created a flexible cloud-based software platform for aviation noise calculations. Our software makes it possible to handle the daily noise calculations of thousands of flights, while ensuring the compliance with ECAC Doc. 29 and local legislation. Furthermore specialists can use the platform to analyse various traffic scenarios and compare them with each other.

Software solutions combining analytics and engineering.

Since early 2017 we develop software products sharing the ambition to facilitate decision making by providing valuable insights from data. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of students from Delft University of Technology. We have gained experience working in the aerospace industry implementing models for aircraft noise simulation. Furthermore we have developed various web applications for clients, such as To70.

We are passionate about solving real life problems with data analysis and we believe combining computer science with applied engineering knowledge creates new opportunities.

Meet our team.

Eric Dammeijer - Founder & CEO

Eric Dammeijer

Founder & CEO

Robert Koster - Co-Founder & Technological Lead

Robert Koster

Founder & CTO

Clement Heinen - Co-Founder & Product Lead

Clément Heinen


Marc Visser - Software Developer

Marc Visser

Software Developer

Dieuwer Hondelink - Software Developer

Dieuwer Hondelink

Software Developer

Titus Naber - Software Developer

Titus Naber

Software Developer

Rolf de Vries - Software Developer

Rolf de Vries

Software Developer

Marina Wellink - UX Designer

Marina Wellink

UX Designer

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