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1. Why you need us

The aviation landscape is vastly changing with the amounts of data growing rapidly. We understand that what you need now, might not be out there or obsolete in a few years. To help you deal with this we can provide help with our services.

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2. Our digital services

We can help you:

  • design digital strategies,
  • warehouse and process your data,
  • build data-driven digital solutions, and
  • modernize your digital infrastructure.

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3. Aircraft noise with Echo

When you want to know more about the noise production of aircraft, our tooling will help you generate noise data. It will help you to:

  • assess noise of past flights,
  • assess noise mitigation measures,
  • forecast noise, and
  • create noise contours.

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4. Doc. 29 expertise

When developing Echo, we have been able to build expertise in Doc. 29. This means that we are not only able to use it, but we are well aware of its limitations and its relations to measurement. Having questions about ECAC Doc. 29 or EU directive 2015/996? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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ECAC Doc. 29 API

You want to perform aircraft noise calculations using the latest best-practices. You don't want the hassle of working with a graphical user interface, because you only want the numbers. Or, you are processing a lot of tracks and you just want a tool that can do the job. Echo is your solution.
By combining aerospace knowledge with data science and software engineering, we have created a flexible cloud-based software platform for aviation noise calculations called Echo. Echo makes it possible to handle the daily noise calculations of thousands of flights, while ensuring full compliance with ECAC Doc. 29. Furthermore specialists can use the platform to analyse various traffic scenarios and compare them with each other. Access is only one conversation away, so contact us!

Software solutions combining analytics and engineering.

Since early 2017 we develop software products sharing the ambition to facilitate decision making by providing valuable insights from data. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of (former) students from Delft University of Technology. We have gained experience working in the aerospace industry developing models for aircraft noise simulation. Furthermore we have developed various web applications for clients, such as aviation consultants, airports and government.

We are passionate about solving real life problems with digital solution and we believe combining computer science with aerospace engineering knowledge creates new opportunities to advance the aviation industry.

Meet our team.

Robert Koster - Founder & CEO

Robert Koster

Founder & CEO

Micheál Murray - Business Manager

Micheál Murray

Business Manager

Marc Visser - Software Developer

Marc Visser

Software Developer

Dieuwer Hondelink - Software Developer

Dieuwer Hondelink

Software Developer

Titus Naber - Software Developer

Titus Naber

Software Developer

Rolf de Vries - Software Developer

Rolf de Vries

Software Developer

Jacob Evans - Software Developer

Jacob Evans

Software Developer

João Ferreira - Software Developer

João Ferreira

Software Developer

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